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In this Developmental Screening, Referral and Outreach Toolkit for Family Resource Centers you’ll learn the phases to implementing or refining a high-quality approach to developmental screening, outreach and linkage to services. Each phase is comprised of a series of steps. Click on each section below to see details and materials. Appendices provide additional information and materials to support implementation.

Download: Early Screenings, Better Outcomes: Developmental Screening, Referral and Toolkit for Family Resource Centers (PDF)



Phases of Screening and Outreach Plan

I. Prepare

Step 1 – Assemble the implementation team

Step 2 – Set goals

a. Gather baseline data
b. Identify goals

Step 3 – Establish a developmental screening plan

a. Select and obtain screening measure(s)
b. Determine screening procedures
c. Hold developmental conversations

Step 4 – Develop an outreach plan and partnerships for outreach