Our Mission


First 5 LA, in partnership with others, strengthens families, communities, and systems of services and supports so all children in L.A. County enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and life.

Our Vision


Throughout Los Angeles’ diverse communities, all children are born healthy and raised in a safe, loving and nurturing environment so that they grow up healthy in mind, body and spirit, are eager to learn, with opportunities to reach their full potential.


To ensure transparency and appropriate use of these funds, First 5 LA has created policies and procedures to help guide Commissioners and staff on how to carry out their respective roles in an ethical, cost-efficient way.

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Policy Agenda

Given L.A. County’s population of over 650,000 children prenatal to age 5, we know that the best way for us to make an impact on all children is to focus on the publicly funded and community-level systems and policies that impact families. Our Policy and Systems Change Agenda articulates the goals of our collective efforts...

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Who We Are

First 5 LA believes the case is clear that policy makers must prioritize young children in policy and budget decisions - because our future success as a state depends upon it. Nearly half of the state’s children live in, or near, poverty. California is first in per prisoner spending, but 46th in per pupil spending in education. California continues to prioritize…

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What We Do

First 5 LA’s mission is brought to life through our collaborative approach to advance our work in four key areas that we have identified in our Strategic Plan as crucial to helping young children succeed in school and in life...

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Why We Do It

Our urgency is driven by a simple biological fact: Research shows that 90 percent of a child’s brain is developed by age 5. We focus our efforts on this critical period between the time when parents are expecting a child until children turn 5, to build the foundations that will affect how they learn, react and interact with the world around them for the rest…

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Our Impact

As a systems change leader, we work in partnership with others to change community norms; local, state and federal public policies; and family-centered systems for sustainable impact...

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At First 5 LA, we develop relationships with a diverse array of partners for a single purpose to ensure that all children in Los Angeles County enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and life. Our partnerships cross all sectors, including education, health, government, philanthropy and business to improve services for young children and their families. Central to our missi…

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Learn more about joining our team and maximizing positive outcomes for children prenatal to age 5...

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