Each month, Executive Director Kim Belshé reports to the Board the highlights and key developments made in the work of First 5 LA and the broader early childhood development landscape.

This February, Belshé spoke of her efforts to meet with members of each of the 14 Best Start Community Partnerships during the winter and spring. Belshé stated the goals of the community meetings are: 1) to recognize Community Partnership leaders for their commitment to families and children; 2) to learn more about the Partnerships’ ongoing work and the activities associated with their community-identified projects; 3) to listen to community members about their triumphs and challenges; and 4) to underscore First 5 LA’s commitment to Best Start as part of its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Commissioners as well as members of the executive and senior management teams are joining Belshé in these First 5 LA-Best Start Community Partnership conversations.

Belshé also highlighted her recent experience moderating a convening, “Changing Minds and Creating Trauma-Informed Communities”, organized by Futures Without Violence. Belshé praised the one-day gathering of law enforcement, state policy and agency leaders from communities across Southern California and Fresno counties who are actively working towards becoming trauma-informed. The discussion provided an opportunity to establish connections, share best practices, discuss policy barriers and examine opportunities to advance trauma-informed care – a key health outcome area under First 5 LA’s new 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

To that end, Belshé noted that First 5 LA is joining with The California Endowment, the California Community Foundation and The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation to convene a small group of county leaders to discuss trauma-informed care in the context of Los Angeles County. Scheduled for April 1, the convening will seek to advance a common trauma-informed agenda in L.A. County.

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