To ensure transparency and appropriate use of these funds, First 5 LA has created policies and procedures to help guide Commissioners and staff on how to carry out their respective roles in an ethical, cost-efficient way.

Under this policy, the Commission must vote to approve any proposed additions, changes or deletions to the annual budget.

This policy explains what authority the Executive Director and the Commission have with regard to modifying the annual Operating Budget.

This policy explains what information and records must be kept by First 5 LA, and for how long. It also provides instructions on how to properly destroy dated information.

This policy defines fund balance reporting and the different types of government funds.

This policy, effective October 1, 2021 explains how First 5 LA selects vendors who provide the organization with goods and services. Please refer to Section XI. Appeals for more information on First 5 LA’s Appeals Policy.   

This policy explains that First 5 LA funds cannot be used to replace state or local General Fund money for any reason.

This policy defines conflict of interest and why it must be avoided.

In the event that First 5 LA decides to take a position on legislation or other governmental actions, this policy provides guidelines on the process for approving the agency’s position.

This policy establishes a uniform policy and procedure for funding conferences/ events.