The Baby-Friendly Hospital program is designed to increase the practice and duration of breastfeeding by improving policies and staff skills at birthing hospitals. The program also seeks to promote healthy breastfeeding practices through a pathway established by Baby Friendly USA, the national representative for the international breastfeeding initiative backed by UNICEF and the World Health Organization.


In March 2009, the First 5 LA Board of Commissioners approved $10.5 Million to support the Baby-Friendly Hospital Project (BFH) in 16 participating hospitals . Services cover staff training and the coordination of hospital policies that promote breastfeeding among women who are approaching their delivery date and are being served by a participating hospital or a member physician of a participating hospital’s network.

Key Milestones

First 5 LA funded 27 hospitals under the BFH Project. To date, 23 hospitals have achieved Baby Friendly designation, with one hospital remaining under contract and working towards designation. First 5 LA is scheduled to end its Baby Friendly funding by June 2019 when the last hospital contract ends.

Who is funded under this program?

California Hospital Medical Center (Pilot)

Cycle 1:

Cycle 2:

Cycle 3:

Cycle 4: