Video: Community Resources on Display in Broadway-Manchester

The First Annual Broadway-Manchester Gathering of Community Resources and Partners had a successful turnout with over 100 people in attendance, including several dozen representatives from local organizations. The event, which was sponsored by Best Start Broadway-Manchester, Watts Learning Center and CDI Head Start, was an effort to provide the Broadway-Manchester community an insight into the available resources in the area. These resources included childcare, prenatal services, family health and dental care, education services, mental health support, housing services and legal services to name a few. Each organization representative had an opportunity to speak from the podium to explain the kind of programs they had to offer. Charline Nunez, member of the Best Start Broadway-Manchester Leadership Group, describes why the event was so meaningful to her:

“I decided to bring us together to put on this community event so that we could provide resources to the community … I would love to see that all parts of our community plan are implemented. We’ve been working on this the last two years and it’s very important that we give the community what they need and they deserve.”

The Best Start Broadway-Manchester Leadership Group is excited about the momentum the event has created within the community. They plan to host a series of community-based roundtable and panel discussions that highlight other community priorities which have been elevated in conversations at partnership meetings.

Click here for a complete list of resources and contact information in the Broadway-Manchester area.