“One of the most important target populations – partly because they are so underserved – is relative caregivers. PCIT can give caregivers immediate help in managing the challenging behaviors children exhibit as the result of the trauma-inducing experiences that brought them to – and that result from – child welfare. Over time, PCIT also helps solidify the child-caregiver bond, which can improve the stability of the placement. “

Richard Cohen -Director, Project ABC: Children’s Institute, Inc.

  • First 5 LA has committed $20 million in funding over 5 years for PCIT training and implementation
  • More than half of the Children Removed from their homes in Los Angeles lived in relative care in calendar year 2014
  • According to US Census in 2010, 2.7 million children (4%) of all U.S. children are being raised in grandfamilies or kinship care situations.

PCIT Links


“Even the best parents can use an assist in helping troubled children”

“One-Way Mirrors, Monitors and a Whole Lot of Training Elevate Parent-Child Therapy | The Chronicle of Social Change”

“Los Angeles, Under Pressure to Improve Maltreatment Prevention, Best Big on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy”

Does Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Reduce Future Physical Abuse?: A Meta-analysis. Kennedy, Stephanie C. Kim, Johnny S. Tripodi, Stephen J. Brown, Samantha M. Gowdy, Grace. 2014
Research on Social Work Practice p. 1-30

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