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New America: Warren/Smith Plan Would Provide the $50 Billion That the Child Care Industry Needs

The plan calls for a federal investment of $50 billion to bail out the industry and ensure its long-term survival. (Loewenberg, 5/4/20)

First Five Years Fund: A Vast majority of American Voters Support Dedicated Federal Relief for Child Care
Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA) and Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) recently released the findings of a national survey of registered voters that found Americans, understanding that child care is the backbone of our nation’s economy, overwhelmingly support federal funding to address the child care crisis that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Uhing, 5/5/20)

CBS 17: Congress pushes for childcare funding on next relief package to increase to $50 billion
Some members of Congress are hoping to negotiate a major increase in spending for childcare in the next coronavirus relief package. (Khali, 5/5/20)

The Huffington Post: House Democrats Want $100 Billion Child Care Package For Bailout Now And Future Support
A coronavirus rescue proposal led by Rep. Katherine Clark is the latest sign that the long-neglected child care profession could get sustained attention. (Peck, 5/6/20)

CNBC: Democrats earmark $7 billion for child care in newest relief package—but it won’t be enough to stabilize the system for long
Many child-care providers are desperately seeking federal assistance to reopen — to the tune of a $50 billion bailout. If they don’t receive adequate support, nearly 4.5 million child-care slots could be lost, according to the Center for American Progress. (Leonhardt, 5/14/20)

First Five Years Fund: Lawmakers Make Strong, Bipartisan Push for Dedicated Child Care Relief
This week, child care received some much-needed attention on Capitol Hill as lawmakers called on Congressional leaders to pass additional federal relief to support child care providers who are facing widespread closures through the COVID-19 pandemic. (Uhing, 5/22/20)

The New York Times: Should the Child Care Industry Get a Bailout?
Democrats propose $50 billion for a business that is in danger of widespread failure — and that many parents need before they can return to work. (Miller, 5/27/20)

California State Budget/Efforts

LAist: California Launches Statewide Child Care Website
California parents looking for child care can now try their luck on a new website, MyChildCare.ca.gov. (Dale, 4/30/20)
Also featured in KTLA (Bloom, 4/30/20), EdSource (Stavley, 4/30/20), Los Angeles Magazine (Martin 4/30/20)

CALMatters: Big cuts could hit little Californians: $1 billion in preschool and child care dollars at risk
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plans to expand free preschool and increase support for child care may be axed in the new coronavirus economy. (Aguilera, 5/21/20)

Opinion Pieces

The Hill: Babies don’t do social distancing
From the moment their day starts, early educators are cradling infants, getting that toddler to blow their nose, or gathering children for story time. (Austin & Whitebook & Williams, 3/20/20)

Romper: Opinion: Child Cares — and Parents of Young Children — Need a Bailout
As the National Association for the Education of Young Children recently stated, data from their survey of providers “indicates that many child care centers and homes are not going to be able to survive a closure; up to a third in some states indicate they won’t survive a closure of any period. (Bakalar, 3/23/20)

The Hill: The coronavirus is decimating childcare providers. Congress must act
This crisis risks bring providers, educators and families to a breaking point. (Boteach, 3/24/20)

Boston Globe: The coronavirus puts child care sector in need of a bailout
The closure of child care centers due to COVID-19 has forced a profound reckoning about the state of the American child care system. (Multiple Authors including Elizabeth Warren and other elected officials, 3/24/20)

First Five Years Fund: COVID-19 Recovery: Working Together as an Early Learning & Care Community
During the last few weeks, the harmful health and economic effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus have grown severe for families and businesses across America. (3/27/20)

The Hill: Providing safe child care during COVID-19 — a life and death issue
Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Tina Smith (D-Minn.) recently introduced a $50 billion child care bailout to “stabilize the child care system, keep providers in business, and ensure parents are able to go back to work when it is safe to do so.” (Austin & Whitebook, 4/19/20)

Los Angeles Times: Opinion: Reopen the economy? Working parents need schools and daycare to open first
In the U.S., the political push to reopen the economy has overlooked the working parents’ dilemma. That shouldn’t be a total surprise — the U.S. consistently ranks as one of the worst countries for family-friendly policies, like paid maternity or parental leave, paid sick leave, flexible working arrangements and affordable childcare. (Cavanaugh, 5/5/20)

The Washington Post: Melinda Gates: How rethinking caregiving could play a crucial role in restarting the economy
As workday interruptions go, it was a cute one. Midway through a video call with our foundation’s covid-19 response team, a naked toddler appeared in the corner of the screen. (Gates, 5/7/20)