Breastfeeding is a rewarding, but sometimes challenging, experience for some new moms. On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, First 5 LA Parents was joined by The Pump Station cofounder Corky Harvey for a Facebook Live Q&A on breastfeeding. The Q&A, which currently has over 1,200 views on Facebook, was the third #First5Live event that First 5 LA has produced this year.

These events provide an opportunity for parents to have their questions answered in real time by a subject matter expert, chat with other parents, and have a chance to win prizes that support child development and family bonding.

The grand prize winner of the Breastfeeding Q&A, Nora Ora, is an expectant mother (38 weeks pregnant!) and preschool teacher in the San Fernando Valley area. She was thrilled to receive a gift basket from The Pump Station full of products to support new parents.

The video can be viewed below.