November 15, 2022

First 5 LA is an independent county public agency that works to improve public systems so that they support the development of children, prenatal to age 5 in Los Angeles County. We want every child in the county to reach their full developmental potential during the earliest and most critical years of rapid brain development.

To achieve our highest aspirations for every child in Los Angeles County, First 5 LA has asserted an explicit focus on addressing systemic bias and inequities within public systems that hinder the outcomes of children, disrupt optimal development, and have disproportionally affected children of color. As a public agency ourselves, we understand that we are of public systems, therefore, what we do and how we think and behave influence outcomes that matter most for children and families. Our emphasis on systems change means we must change too. We must confront and address systemic bias and inequities within our own organization to ensure equitable outcomes for all within public systems.

Since January 2021, First 5 LA has been working with Seed Collaborative, LLC (Seed) to assess our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) competencies and identify priorities for improving the policies, procedures, practices, mindsets, and norms that shape our culture and impact our systems change work. Our DEI journey over the last year, what we have learned and are committing to are highlighted in the following report, “First 5 LA’s Journey Toward Deepening a Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” 

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