First 5 LA’s vision is a future where every child prenatal to age 5 in Los Angeles County grows up healthy, protected and ready to succeed in school. Each month, we will ask people who work with, care for, or advocate on behalf of young children and their families in L.A. County about how we can make this vison a reality.

In honor of Father’s Day, this month’s question is:

“What is the best advice your dad has ever given you?”

“My father was not a man of many words. Everything I learned from him was through his actions. With his actions, he taught me that no job is too small and that respecting others is the first step to success. He recently became a U.S. citizen, a dream he had since he came to this country over 30 years ago. He has shown his family that dreams do not have expiration dates and with passion and focus, they can and will come true.”

Patty Rodriguez, Co-founder of Lil’ Libros

“I recently lost my father. He was 88 years old. This year will be the first time I won’t have him around to give him a hug and thank him for being a great dad. I will miss him dearly. Even though he will not be here physically, I will never forget all his good advice he gave me in life, especially during my adult years. The one piece of advice I will never forget is how he taught me about loving my family, having a good work ethic, and the discipline to fulfill my goals. The most important thing is that my dad showed me by example, not just words. Also, my dad taught me about self-respect and respecting others.

From the bottom of my heart I wish everyone a very happy and healthy Father’s Day!”

Omar Velasco, Univisión Radio

“My dad is a very soft spoken man so all that I have learned from him has been through example. I’ve learned that love for your family, culture and language is first and is above all else. I owe my father my deep love and connection to Mexico. I have so many amazing memories of my childhood there and those experiences would not have happened without him. I’m so proud to be my dad’s daughter and every day I work hard to make him proud of the person I’ve become.”

Nadia Gonzalez, Manager of Communications, First 5 LA

“My father was really good with his hands, always building stuff out of junk. I think his best advice would be to take something that does not at first seem to be valuable and to make it beautiful.”

Natalie Vanderbilt, Interim Director for Welcome Baby at Valley Presbyterian Hospital and El Nido Family Centers