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CARES Plus/ASPIRE Stipend Program

CARES Plus (Comprehensive Approaches to Raising Education Standards)/ASPIRE is a professional development program designed to increase the quality of early learning programs for children 0 to 5 and their families by supporting the education and preparation of an effective, well-compensated and diverse early learning workforce. The "Plus" represents an enhancement of earlier CARES components, such as a strong focus on outcomes and accountability and an expansion of the CARES Database to an Early Learning Workforce Registry.

Who is served by this program?

Licensed Early Care and Education (ECE) providers

What kinds of services are provided?

CARES Plus awards stipends of at least $1,000 to ECE providers who:

  • Complete three to six units of coursework at an accredited institution
  • Participate in an online CLASS assessment training
  • Receive professional development advisement sessions

Click here for more information about the services.

Who is funded under this program?

First 5 LA contracted with Los Angeles Universal Preschool to implement the program.

How does CARES Plus address First 5 LA's four goal areas?

CARES Plus works to address First 5 LA's goal area that children are ready for kindergarten. By strengthening the early education workforce through higher education, CARES Plus hopes to increase positive educational outcomes for children.

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