connect families to information, experts, programs, services, social linkages and more in Los Angeles County to help improve the lives of parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5. Resources are important to a child’s success and are often available at little or no cost. But while resources are essential for parenting, knowing what is available—and actually being able to gain access to resources—can sometimes be challenging. First 5 LA is here to help provide the tools to connect with the resources you and your family need, when you need them. The first step in getting information or help is as close as a phone call or click away.

COVID-19: Health Insurance Resources

COVID-19: Health Insurance Resources

COVID-19: Health Insurance Resources According to the health care advocacy group Families USA, COVID-19 has resulted in record unemployment –– and record numbers of people losing health insurance. Between February and May, 2020, the number of uninsured adults rose by...

Demystifying “Sheltering in Place” and COVID-19

Demystifying “Sheltering in Place” and COVID-19To limit the spread of COVID-19, many California counties have required residents to “shelter in place.” A more rigorous form of “social distancing,” it means…Staying in your home, leaving only for “essential activities,”...