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Baby-Friendly Hospital Request for Proposals (RFP)

Posting Date - July 23, 2015 

Updated - August 4, 2015 - Updated Section IX. Required Documents - H. Commitment to Achieve and Maintain Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation

Closing Date for Applications: August 10, 2015


In order to qualify for this RFP, applicant hospitals must:

  1. Be a current First 5 LA Welcome Baby grantee;
  2. Not be a current or past First 5 LA Baby-Friendly contractor; and
  3. Not have achieved Baby-Friendly Hospital designation.

Hospital applicants who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria above are not eligible to respond to this RFP.


Breastfeeding promotes optimal health, cognitive development, and bonding of infants and their mothers. Breastfeeding mothers need support and skilled assistance in the hospital to ensure good initiation of breastfeeding. The Baby-Friendly Hospital (BFH) Project will enhance and support a continuum of care to improve initiation and duration of breastfeeding by improving breastfeeding policies and procedures in birthing hospitals and increasing capacity to meet the needs of families through improved workforce competencies in infant and toddler issues in the health sector. 

First 5 LA seeks to enhance the integration of its Welcome Baby and Baby-Friendly Hospital investments. The goal of the RFP is to select hospitals that are willing, ready and able to embrace and implement policy changes recommended by Baby-Friendly USA to increase the exclusive breastfeeding rate throughout Los Angeles County by supporting hospitals in their efforts to attain the Baby-Friendly Hospital designation.


In order to respond to this RFP, an application packet complete with required documents must be received through the online application system by First 5 LA no later than 5:00 pm PDT on August 10, 2015. For online application and instructions please see below:

Step 1: Create a user account by clicking here.

Step2: Once a user account has been created, click here to access the application.

Step3: Once an application has been started, click here to modify and/or submit your application. Please do not create a new application once you have started your application.

For help with the online application click here.

Applicants must submit all required documents specified in the RFP through this online form. It is highly recommended that you print a copy of your application for your records prior to clicking "Submit." To do this, click "Printer-Friendly Version." You should review the printed copy prior to submitting the application electronically. In addition, you should ensure that the attachments were successfully uploaded by reviewing the list of attachments included.

To ensure that all potential applicants receive the same information, questions and answers will be compiled and posted on the RFP webpage. All questions and requests for additional information regarding this RFP must be received in writing by First 5 LA via email before 5:00 p.m  on July 31, 2015 and answers will be posted on the website by August 4, 2015. First 5 LA reserves the sole right to determine the timing and content of the responses to all questions and requests for additional information. First 5 LA may respond to individual inquires and then post replies to all questions by the posting date. 


Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to participate in an Informational Webinar scheduled for July 29, 2015 from 1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT to learn more about RFP requirements. To register for the webinar please follow this link 


All questions and requests for additional information regarding this RFP must be submitted via email to Claudia Molina, Program Officer II, at [email protected] before 5:00 p.m on July 31, 2015

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