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First 5 LA and FreshWorks Offers $2 Million in Loan Capital

First 5 LA is excited to announce the release of the Food Enterprise Microlending Intermediary (FEMI) Request for Proposal, now open through January 9, 2015. This program represents a joint investment of the California FreshWorks Fund and First 5 LA of the availability of $2 million in loan capital, as well as grants and technical assistance resources, for qualified intermediaries to support microlending to healthy food enterprises that reach families with children ages 0-5 throughout Los Angeles County.

The loans will be available to qualified L.A. County intermediaries who are connected to their communities and capable of providing small bursts of capital to local healthy food entrepreneurs. These investments are intended to improve L.A. County’s capacity to microlend and assist food enterprises as a means of increasing the diversity of healthy food distribution and retail outlets.

For more information and to apply, please visit Emerging Markets website at:

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