Summer Swim Safety: Myth or Fact?

Swimming is a lot of fun — but do you know the facts on swimming safely with kids? Check out your knowledge here:

Myth or Fact? “Floaties,” “water wings” or rings keep a child safe in the water.

Myth! Inflatable devices can slip and/or deflate, and they give parents a false sense of security. Always keep your hands on your child while in the water. Have your child wear a properly fitting life vest when near or in the water to stay safe under your supervision.

Myth or Fact? Preschoolers are too young to learn to swim.

Myth! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ages 4 and older learn to swim. Also, aquatic programs and swim lessons for toddlers and younger children can help them feel comfortable in the water. Whether they take swim lessons or not, children continue to require constant, close adult supervision while in or near water all throughout childhood. “Parent and Me” classes offered at low-cost in several cities are a fun way to bond.

Myth or Fact? Everyone should wait an hour after eating before they swim.

Myth! Swimming too soon after eating was once believed to cause cramping, which could increase the risk of drowning. Not so, say medical experts. This is an old wives’ tale that started years ago and may persist to this day. So go ahead and swim after that picnic!

Visit for more information on low-cost classes and more swim fun in L.A. County. For some swim fun, check out MomsLA’s guide on the best public pools in L.A. County.

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