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On May 29, 2019 First 5 LA Health Systems Department released two early identification and intervention issue briefs and corresponding infographics. The briefs explore why too many children ages 0-5 are not screened for developmental-behavioral delays and connected to appropriate early intervention services when a concern or delay is identified. IssueBrief 1 addresses key challenges and system-level barriers to surveillance and screening. Issue Brief 2 highlights the various system-level challenges that interfere with linkage to services and the referral process. Infographics were also developed to pair with each issue brief.

The briefs were formally unveiled at the First 5 LA and the Southern California Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP-CA2) community-wide strategic forum entitled “The Gray Zone: Strengthening Early Identification and Intervention for Children with Mild to Moderate Developmental and Behavioral Delays.” One of the objectives of this event was to increase awareness about challenges to serving children with mild to moderate developmental delays. The issue briefs and infographics served as a helpful resource for attendees who each received a copy.

Addressing barriers to timely developmental and behavioral screening and linkage to services requires a systems and policy change approach. Together with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, First 5 LA is implementing Help Me Grow – Los Angeles (HMG-LA) to promote cross-sector collaboration and bolster early screening and coordination of services.

View the flyer for Issue Brief 1 here.

View the flyer for Issue Brief 2 here.