Parent Activity Calendar Sneak Peek


3 – Make a patriotic sign for your window to celebrate Independence Day.

10 Count the number of different kinds of flowers you see on a walk.

21 Run, kick and throw a ball today at the park.

25 – How many animals can you say that begin with the letter “A”?


4 Collect sand at the beach for sand clay (See directions in this Parenting Guide!).

9 – How many circle-shaped things can you find in your house?

14 – Have your child practice writing letters by making a sign for their room.

23 – Make a book without words that tells a story.

31 – Do ten jumping jacks as a family.


6 – Science Fun: See how long it takes for an ice cube to melt (go from solid to liquid).

10 – Count to 10, then count backwards from 10.

22 – Write a poem with your child today.

26 – Play volleyball with a balloon with your family.

Parenting, by the Numbers

30 – Number of public pools in LA County. Visit to look up a public pool near you.

248 Children under the age of 5 saved by car seats in 2015 (U.S. Department of Transportation)

75 Miles of coastline in L.A. County

12 million – Number of hot dogs Americans eat over the summer (National Association of Concessionaires)

9 September 9 — sometimes the real “Labor Day” — is the most common birthday of all in the U.S. (National Center for Health Statistics and the Social Security Administration)

2021 Healthy New Year Calendar

2021 Healthy New Year Calendar

2021 Healthy New Year Calendar As a parent, keeping up with your own health needs may take a back seat to caring for everyone else in the family. This calendar provides reminders and resources to help everyone in the family stay healthy: January: Mental Wellness Month...