Good Reads Become Good Deeds in West Athens

The eager group of teenagers showed up at the Best Start West Athens booth at the Washington Prep High School with one purpose: to sign a pledge saying they will read to their younger siblings for at least 15 minutes a day. March 21 was the Day of the Parent Resource Fair, and the Best Start West Athens Leadership Group met with more than 100 students and parents to discuss the importance of literacy.

“It was a really beautiful moment,” said Natasha Moise, Program Officer for Best Start West Athens. “And it also gives merit to the campaign, It Starts With Us. We address families and all levels of literacy that they may have—engaging everyone in the family to make sure our children 0-5 are ready for kindergarten.”

The event, which kicked off with a breakfast with the principal, gave parents and families the opportunity to get a closer look at their local high school while learning about valuable resources in the area. In addition to hosting the reading pledge, the Best Start booth handed out “Potter the Otter” books, bookmarks, water bottles, and informational pamphlets for parents and their families.

Celebrating Filipino American History Month 2022

Celebrating Filipino American History Month 2022

October 1, 2022 October is Filipino American History Month, a time for celebrating the heritage and achievements of Filipino Americans whose contributions have helped build and change this nation. As the second-largest Asian American population in the U.S. – and the...