February 2019 Book List

February 14 is Valentine’s Day! Celebrate love with the following books:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Felicia Bond

Mouse celebrates Valentine’s Day by carefully crafting unique Valentine cards for each of his friends. He thinks about each friend and what he loves about them. A charming book to celebrate this sweet holiday.

Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney

The little llama shows his love to his friends and family by making cards and giving out lots of hugs. This heartwarming book is a perfect addition for Valentine’s Day – easy to read with lots of colorful pictures!

The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll, illustrated by Jeni Bassett

Clayton and Desmond want to make the best Valentine card ever for their teacher, Mrs. Mousely. But when Clayton uses too much glitter, and Desmond too many hearts, the two argue and leave school mad! What happens when they realize what they can create when they work together nicely?

Love Monster and the Last Chocolate by Rachel Bright

When Love Monster comes home from vacation, he discovers a chocolate box at his door! Love Monster is aware he should share the chocolates with his friends, but what if they take all of his favorites? A great story about the importance of sharing with loved ones.

February is African-American History Month! Learn about the civil rights movement and important trailblazers with these books:

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison

This book honors 40 notable black women in U.S. history and features fun portraits of each trailblazer. Easy to understand, this book is a great way to celebrate some important female leaders this month.

If You Were a Kid During the Civil Rights Movement by Gwendolyn Hooks, illustrated by Kelly Kennedy

Follow along as two friends embark on an adventure and learn how the struggle for social justice changed the course of American history forever. For kids this is a great introduction to the civil rights movement – topics include segregation, racism and equality for all.

Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-ins by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Jerome Lagarrigue

Connie sees signs around her town telling her where she can and cannot go. But when Connie sees four men take a stand for equal rights by sitting down at a lunch counter, she knows that change is in the air. Connie helps her brother make signs for the civil rights movement. An encouraging and inspiring story about one girl’s role in history.

February 18th is Presidents’ Day! Celebrate this patriotic holiday with a fun read:

Presidents’ Day by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell

To celebrate Presidents’ Day, the students in Mrs. Madoff’s class put on a special presidential play. One kid gets to be George Washington, and another plays Abraham Lincoln! At the end of the day, the class elects a class president. Who gets the most votes?

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day Indigenous Peoples' Day — while not a federal holiday — is recognized on the second Monday in October by many cities and states in the United States, including the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and California. The day...

Celebrating Filipino American History Month

Celebrating Filipino American History Month

Celebrating Filipino American History Month Each year, the United States recognizes Filipino American History during the month of October. As the second-largest Asian American group in the country and the third-largest ethnic group in California, Filipino Americans...

For This New Mom, a Doula was the Key to Joyous Childbirth

For This New Mom, a Doula was the Key to Joyous Childbirth

For This New Mom, a Doula was the Key to Joyous Childbirth When Terika Hameth found out she was pregnant last year, her initial joy was soon overwhelmed by anxiety. “I thought, ‘What if I die?’” she said. Her fear was not misplaced. Black women in Los Angeles County...

Black Breastfeeding Week is August 25-31!

Black Breastfeeding Week is August 25-31!

Black Breastfeeding Week is August 25-31! When it comes to breastfeeding, racial equity is an issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control, fewer than 60% of Black mothers have ever breastfed compared to 75% of white mothers. Breastfeeding builds immunities, is...

Celebrating Juneteenth: Freedom Day

Celebrating Juneteenth: Freedom Day

Celebrating Juneteenth: Freedom Day While Americans traditionally celebrate July 4th as the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence which declared the original colonies to be free from British rule, the reality of the matter is that not everyone...