Father’s Day to Father’s Day: A Year of Men’s Health and Wellness


June 17: Happy Father’s Day!

June 21: International Yoga Day! Do some family stretches, like touching your toes and rolling your shoulders. Being flexible can help prevent injuries and improve balance and agility.

July 4: Happy Independence Day! Spend time with the people you love today, and celebrate the U.S.A.’s independence.

July 22: Parent’s Day! What do you enjoy about being a dad?

July 31: Try to eat at least five different kinds of fruits and vegetables today.

August 1: Be sure to apply sunscreen any day you decide to spend time in the sun. August and September tend to be the hottest months of the year, so apply liberally and repeat every two hours.

August 14: Avoid sugary drinks, which are empty calories that actually make you thirstier. Instead, try to begin a new habit of drinking more water today. Hydration is key to healthy skin and body function.

August 30: Get out, enjoy this summer day and get active. Aerobic exercise like biking, jogging or swimming helps to keep your heart healthy.

September: September is National Prostate Awareness month. Make an appointment with your doctor this month for your annual check-up.

September 3: Labor Day. What are some goals would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?

September 29: World Heart Day. Go for a walk or a low-impact jog today.

October 2: Consider doing some weight lifting. Lifting weight has been proven to help slow down aging, lessen stress and anxiety, and strengthen bones.

October 10: World Mental Health Day. Take some time for yourself today to lower stress. Take some deep breaths and clear your head.

October 15: Global Handwashing Day. Continue to wash your hands regularly, which has been proven to be the most effective way to stop the spread of germs.

November: Urology Care Education Month. Learn more about urology, including issues related to erectile dysfunction.

November 16: Great American Smokeout Day! If you smoke, consider quitting. Quitting cigarettes has an incredible amount of instant and long-term benefits.

November 30: Happy Thanksgiving!

December 2-8: National Influenza Vaccination Week. Consider getting a flu shot to protect yourself and your family this winter.

December 16: Play a game of catch or kick the ball with your child. This bonding time is beneficial for your child’s development and coordination, plus it’s an excuse to get outside and have some fun.

December 31: What are your health and fitness goals for 2019?


January 1: Make a calendar for January. Include your work schedule and family schedule. Calendars can help improve your mental clarity and help with anxiety.

January 14: Try to eat a “rainbow” of natural foods today. The more diverse colors of fruits and vegetables you eat, the better.

February: February is American Heart Month. To keep your heart in tip-top shape, do some light cardio today and get your heartrate up.

February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day! Do something nice for yourself and someone you love today!

March: March is National Nutrition Month. What is something in your diet that you could give up to be healthier and feel better? What are some foods you might add to your diet to improve overall health and well-being?

March 20: World Oral Health Day. Dental health is important for the rest of your body. Schedule an appointment for a dental check-up today.

March 22: World Water Day. Replace that midday coffee or nighttime sugary soda with water today. Hydration is very important for a working body and sound mind.

April: Alcohol Awareness Month. Get more information from the

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

April 1-8: Testicular Cancer Awareness Week. Learn more about this curable illness that tends to occur in men ages 20–34 at cancer.org.

April 16: Stress Awareness Day! Stress can cause headaches, loss of sleep and even depression. Recognize your own stress and take some time for yourself today.

May: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! Consider picking up a new sport today, or join your local gym. It’s never too late to get your body in shape.

May: May is also Skin Cancer Detection and Protection Month. When going out into the sun, always remember to lather on the sunscreen. Choose 30 SPF or higher. For more information, visit the American Academy of Dermatology’s site.

May 30: Summer is just around the corner! Soak up the sun and go for a family hike. Hiking is a combination of fitness, fun and relaxation.

June: National Safety Month. Protect your own health and the health of your family by learning more about having a safer and healthier home and work environment.

June 2-8: National Headache Awareness Week. Learn more from the

National Headache Foundation.

June 16: Happy Father’s Day!

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