Balloon Volleyball – Get Out & Play!

Balloons move slowly through the air, so it is easier for young children to throw and catch them.

This activity is easy to play indoors. It gives your children practice with throwing and tossing, and helps improve hand-eye coordination. During the game, remind your children to keep their eyes on the balloon.

Suggested age: 4 to 5 years old

Materials needed: You can try this game with regular balloons, but do not over-inflate, as that will make the balloons more likely to pop. Balloons should not be used with children under 3, as they are a choking hazard. You'll also need masking tape to mark the “net.”


  • Use the masking tape to make a line on the floor about 3 feet long.
  • Stand on one side of the line and have your child stand on the other side.
  • Throw the balloon in the air towards your child. Have your child try to hit the balloon with the palms of his hands towards you.
  • The object of the game is to try to keep the balloon away from your side of the line.

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