A to Z Activities to Prevent “Summer Slide”

Stop “summer slide” in its tracks by helping children continue to learn and grow all summer long! Prepare for back-to-school throughout the summer with our A to Z list of activities.

A is for Application – Need to submit a late application for enrollment? Visit apply.lausd.net to submit one.

B is for Ball playing – Toss, kick or roll a ball back and forth and count how many times you do it. Can you set a record?

C is for Comparing and Contrasting – Ask your child to describe things that contrast (large and small, short and tall, etc.) This is a foundational skill that will come up again throughout school.

D is for Doctor – Check with your family pediatrician and make sure your child is up to date with vaccinations for school.

E is for Early rising – As the first day of school nears, start going to bed a little earlier to prepare for waking up earlier on school days.

F is for Fruit science – How does an apple grow? Cut one open and examine what’s inside. Do other fruits have different kinds of seeds? Hint: Look at a strawberry!

G is for the “Going on a Road Trip” memory game – Take turns naming what you would bring on a road trip. Each player must list every item named by other players before they take their turn. How many items can you remember?

H is for Handmade – Making things by hand helps children build fine motor skills and exercise their creativity.

I is for Intellectual curiosity – Is your child curious about something? Encourage that curiosity by helping them learn more! This plants the seeds for later learning and growth.

J is for Jellyfish and other sea creatures – How many marine animals can you and your child name?

K is for Kicking, throwing and catching – These activities build gross motor skills and can help your child do better in school, too!

L is for Library – Your local library has great activities and book ideas for all ages. Visit your local library online or in person.

M is for Measuring – Cook with your child and have him or her measure. Discuss the idea of fractions using cups or teaspoons.

N is for Notebook – for your child to practice writing and drawing.

O is for Organization – How can you and your child prepare and get organized for the upcoming school year? Brainstorm some ideas!

P is for Paper, Pencils and Pencil sharpeners – and using them over the summer!

Q is for Question time – Encourage your child to ask a question about anything in art, science, math, history or other subjects and learn more about it together.

R is for Reading – Reading with your child for just 30 minutes a day improves school performance. Summer is a great time to start the habit of slowing down at bedtime and settling in with some good books.

S is for Science – Stimulate your child’s interest in technology or the natural world by visiting a Los Angeles museum this summer.

T is for Talking – Talking with your child in any language helps them learn and grow. If your child could have any superpower, what would it be?

U is for Uncovering words – How many words can you name that begin with the letter U?

V is for Vocabulary – Teach your child a new word and ask them to use it in a sentence.

W is for Writing letters – Have your child practice writing their name and a new word each week.

X is for eXpressing yourselves – Write a rhyming poem with your child.

Y is for Yoga – which increases focus and decreases stress! For yoga poses the whole family can try, check out our Summer 2019 Parenting Guide.

Z is for Zero waste – Brainstorm ways your family can reduce, reuse and recycle to cut down on waste.

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