A “Brunch” of Research to Feast Upon

While many moms will be treated to brunch at their favorite restaurants this Sunday, First 5 LA hopes parents will feast on this collection of online resources featuring some of the most helpful, insightful and interesting studies, surveys and reports about moms and their children.

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Why does it seem that mom rushes to the aid of a hungry, crying infant while dad just sits there? Turns out women’s and men’s brains are wired differently, according to this study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). From the brain to the body, NIH offers a variety of intriguing health research for mothers to which one can subscribe.

From questions about pregnancy to coping with divorce, NIH also provides the latest news and basic physical and mental health information through its subsidiary website, MedlinePlus. Simply click here, click on a topic (such as “women”) and click on a subcategory (such as “childbirth”), which links to a page with basic health information, statistics, latest news and details on special conditions.

How much TV viewing a day does it take to make a kindergartener transform into an unhealthy weight? Just an hour of TV a day is enough to turn a child into a couch potato. This is just one of the helpful studies found in the press room archive on the website of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Speaking of unhealthy weight for children, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and The Saban Research Institute are working to combat childhood obesity in Los Angeles. From the impact of menu labeling on children and adolescents to studying the accumulation of fat within the human body, moms can learn about the latest obesity research efforts here or, for a broader range of children’s health research, visit the RESEARCHLA blog.


Does race make a difference in child welfare?  How would improving academic achievement in underperforming schools impact children? What are the challenges to sustain, evaluate and replicate home visiting programs that support pregnant women and families with young children? These are just a few of the questions addressed by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, which conducts policy research that benefits children, families and their communities.

From funding an innovative data-linkage network to better advocate for the health and safety of Los Angeles County children to evaluating the local implementation of the baby-friendly hospital program, First 5 LA’s Research and Evaluation department is on the cutting edge of research that will help create policy and systems change to improve the outcomes of young children and their families in Los Angeles County.    

Early Childhood Development

Nobel laureate economist James Heckman estimates a lifelong economic rate of return of

7 to 10 percent per year per dollar invested in high quality early childhood development and learning supports, yet 96 percent of eligible infants and toddlers are not served by early Head Start due to a lack of funding. These are just a few of the findings in the research library of the Children’s Defense Fund.

Since 2013, local KPCC radio reporter Deepa Fernandes has published 67 articles on early childhood development.  Listen to the latest reports on child care, good reads, preschool, child poverty and homelessness, nutrition, and public policy.


Do you feel more aggravated as a parent these days? If so, you are not alone: roughly one out of three parents in the U.S. feels the same, according to this study published in Child Trends, which shares the resulting knowledge of its research with practitioners and policymakers. Other topics tackled by Child Trends range from early childhood development to marriage and co-habitation.

Should that Baltimore mother have slapped her son in public for rioting? Should parents let their children walk home alone from school?  The Parenting website provides the latest news on parenting topics and more for moms, from picking baby names to suggestions for mini family vacations.  

Working Mothers

Ever wonder who is the happiest mother: your mom, your GenX self, our your Millennial daughter? Check out the answer in this intriguing survey from the Working Mother Research Institute, home to more than 25 years of data and studies targeting the key concerns impacting working mothers today, from flexibility and child care to the recruitment, retention and advancement of women.

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Celebrating Filipino American History Month

Celebrating Filipino American History Month

Celebrating Filipino American History Month Each year, the United States recognizes Filipino American History during the month of October. As the second-largest Asian American group in the country and the third-largest ethnic group in California, Filipino Americans...

For This New Mom, a Doula was the Key to Joyous Childbirth

For This New Mom, a Doula was the Key to Joyous Childbirth

For This New Mom, a Doula was the Key to Joyous Childbirth When Terika Hameth found out she was pregnant last year, her initial joy was soon overwhelmed by anxiety. “I thought, ‘What if I die?’” she said. Her fear was not misplaced. Black women in Los Angeles County...

First 5 LA Hall of Heroes: Labor Day

First 5 LA Hall of Heroes: Labor Day

First 5 LA Hall of Heroes: Labor Day You are your child’s first teacher and are very important to their intellectual growth. From the beginning, your baby is learning language skills that will help with learning how to read, write and communicate out loud in the...

Black Breastfeeding Week is August 25-31!

Black Breastfeeding Week is August 25-31!

Black Breastfeeding Week is August 25-31! When it comes to breastfeeding, racial equity is an issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control, fewer than 60% of Black mothers have ever breastfed compared to 75% of white mothers. Breastfeeding builds immunities, is...