Advocacy – Asking
is advocacy – from the pediatrician’s office to the ballot box on
Election Day. Standing up for your child’s needs helps us all.
Behavioral issues – Encouraging positive changes in behavior in age-appropriate ways can help children become mindful and build good habits that will help them succeed in school and life.
Bonding – When a baby feels secure and becomes attached to caregivers through bonding, it improves his or her development and growth in the first five years of life—and beyond.
Breastfeeding your infant may be challenging—but here, you can find help to give your baby the best start.
Childcare – To find high quality childcare that will enrich your child’s development and learning, consider your specific needs, visiting and speaking with childcare providers, and speaking with other parents can help you make the right choice.
Developmental Milestones – While each child develops and learns at his or her own unique pace, development milestones offer guidelines for the activities and behaviors you might expect to see as your child grows. Understanding these milestones can help you know that your child is on-track in his or her development.
Disabilities and special needs are important to address early, to get expert help that will give your child the best start in life. Your pediatrician can direct you to getting a free evaluation of possible issues and special services for early intervention for your child, which are available throughout Los Angeles County.
Discipline – Constructive and appropriate discipline doesn’t just improve behavior at home—it teaches a child how to manage frustrations and challenges throughout life.
Fathers – Research shows that spending time with fathers improves infants’ language development and has a positive effect on a child’s growth, development and success in life.
Games and Activities – From solving puzzles to doing creative crafts projects to creating at-home family fitness competitions, games are the “work” of children, helping them learn and grow.
Literacy – A baby’s language skills begin to develop at birth, through observing and listening to those around him or her. You can help your child’s literacy skills grow right from the start by talking, reading, and singing beginning the day your child is born..
Mental Health – Becoming aware of possible warning signs in both adults and children, understanding how mental and physical stress may negatively influence mood and behavior, and knowing that help is available for better mental health can help.
Mothers’ Health – From regular check-ups to the delivery room, prenatal care enhances the health of both mother and child. And once the baby arrives, postpartum care can help everyone stay healthy.
Nutrition – Good nutrition and healthy weight has a positive effect on your child’s ability to learn, be active, and stay healthier.
Oral Health – Dental problems are the biggest cause of kids missing school, but developing good oral health starts in infancy. Help your child smile—and succeed—by making oral health a priority.
Physical Health – Regular check-ups, creating a healthy home environment, and making efforts to prevent the spread of illness, you can help protect your child’s physical health.
Ready for School – Your child starts to learn from the day he or she is born. As your child’s first and most important teacher, you can help him or her learn more and prepare for school success from the start
Recipes – These tasty and nutritious recipes are designed with busy families (and picky young eaters) in mind.
Resources – Explore resources for parenting, health care, nutrition, special needs and much more for Los Angeles County children ages 0-5 and their families.
Safety for your child starts at home. Learn what you can do to protect your child’s well-being.
Stress – Early stress affects a child’s physical and emotional development, ability to manage behavior, and learning. Taking time to learn to de-stress improves your life—and that of your child.

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