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Partnerships for Families

Partnerships for Families (PFF) is a program designed to prevent child abuse by addressing gaps in the current child welfare system. Voluntary prevention services developed by PFF are offered to pregnant women and families with children 5 and younger who are at high risk for child maltreatment. Each of Los Angeles County's Service Planning Areas (SPAs) are served by PFF, which collaborates with other organizations to improve outcomes at the agency, family and community levels.

Who is served by this program?
First 5 LA was created to improve the quality of life for children from the prenatal stage through age 5, therefore the Partnerships for Families Initiative targets two specific populations:

Pregnant women who have the following risk factors for child maltreatment:

  • Domestic violence
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression

High-risk families referred to PFF by the Department of Children and Family Services who meet the following criteria:

  • The household includes one or more children ages 5 or younger
  • The family is classified as high or very high risk on the Structured Decision-Making Tool (SDM), a system used to assess risk of potential child abuse and neglect

What kinds of services are provided?
PFF is investing approximately $70 million to provide in-home case management and counseling, goods and services related to the safety of a home, intensive services for special needs, family support including access to early care and education, and referrals to auxiliary community support.

These services not only address existing risk factors, but also enhance the effectiveness of tools and strategies to prevent child abuse, including:

  1. Removing barriers that hinder access to services and supports
  2. Enhancing parents' ability to support the development of their children
  3. Creating environments for parents and children to positively interact and learn from one another
  4. Providing emergency assistance for immediate family needs
  5. Offering ongoing opportunities for positive connections between families, social service providers and communities
  6. Enabling families, providers and residents of targeted neighborhoods to use lessons they've learned in their day-to-day interactions with each other

Who is funded under this program?

How does PFF address First 5 LA's four goal areas?

Partnerships for Families specifically addresses the First 5 LA's goal area that children are safe from abuse and neglect. PFF services have been found to statistically significantly reduce substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect.

Read more about our evaluation of PFF.

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