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Policy-Advocacy Fund

The Policy-Advocacy Fund (PAF) is designed to support a variety of strategies in the policy and advocacy arena that support the First 5 LA Policy Agenda. The Commission recognizes that these advocacy and policy strategies are key to sustaining the well-being of children 0-5 and their families beyond First 5 LA's direct investments. The primary goal of the fund is to move the policy goals forward; a secondary goal is to strengthen the capacity of organizations to be effective policy advocacy leaders on behalf of young children in Los Angeles County.

Who is served by this program?

First 5 LA was created to improve the quality of life for L.A. County children from the prenatal stage through age 5. Therefore, the PAF grantees support a diverse range of issues from securing health insurance coverage for all children prenatal to 5 to reducing childhood obesity to supporting high-quality child care to promoting breastfeeding.

The PAF grantees work on policies within L.A. County, and at the state and federal levels because each level of government makes decisions that dramatically impact the well-being of children in our target population.

What kinds of services are provided?

There are currently 13 grantees for a total investment of $5.5 million, with an additional cycle of grants to be released in 2012-2013.

The projects engage in a variety of activities that support their project policy goals including:

  1. Administrative advocacy at the county and state levels to improve implementation of existing health policies that affect children prenatal to 5
  2. Education and engagement of communities of color in policy proposal development and advocacy activities
  3. Advocating for policies to improve training and services for identifying children with special needs
  4. Supporting policies that improve children's access to healthy foods and physical activities
  5. Educating and engaging parents and community members in support of child care

Who is funded under this program?

Policy Advocacy Fund I (PAF I)

Policy Advocacy Fund II (PAF II)

How does PAF address First 5 LA's four goal areas?

Policy and advocacy activities conducted under PAF grants support one or more of the First 5 LA Policy Agenda Goals. These goals were developed in conjunction with the 2009-2015 Strategic Plan to ensure their alignment with First 5 LA's four priority outcomes to strengthen families and communities. All of the goals on the Policy Agenda align with one or more of the Strategic Plan priority outcomes.

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