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Among the common questions often asked about First 5 LA are: Where does our funding go, what programs are funded and who is served by these programs?

In a new effort entitled "Getting Better Data," First 5 LA's Research and Evaluation Department has launched a new reporting system for First 5 LA grantees and contractors to answer these and more questions for First 5 LA beginning with the period of July 1 - December 31, 2012.

"This report marks the first time that First 5 LA has created a grantee reporting structure that enables us to communicate the impact our whole portfolio of investments has on the children and families of Los Angeles County," said Research Analyst Holly Campbell.

Key findings from this report:

  • First 5 LA projects funded during this time served 46,158 children, 93,276 parents of children 0-5 and 15,984 other family members.
  • Direct Services received 58 percent of funding, Organization Support received 24 percent and Systems Change garnered 18 percent.

Of the children, parents and other family members served during this period, the top 10 direct services were:

  1. Resource and Referral: 44,802 individuals served
  2. Health Access (Healthy Kids): 27,133
  3. Breastfeeding Assistance: 23,142?
  4. Oral Health: 13,470
  5. Screening and Assessment: 10,837
  6. Preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds: 9,453?
  7. Safety Education: 8,798?
  8. Early Education (not Preschool): 7,556
  9. General Parent Education: 6,962
  10. Family Literacy: 5,554

The race and ethnicity of children and parents First 5 LA served during this time was Latino (74.4 percent), Asian/Pacific Islander (9.3 percent), Black (7.0 percent), Other (1.4 percent), Multiracial (1.1 percent) and Alaskan Native/Native American (0.1 percent).

The age distribution of children served by First 5 LA during this time was age 4 years (40 percent); less than 1 year (23 percent); 3 years (14 percent); 2 years (9 percent); 5 years (8 percent) and 1 year (6 percent).

In addition to direct services to individuals, First 5 LA provides a variety of organizations with various types of support, including capacity building, training, evaluation, funding and partnership development. The types of organizations supported include:

  • Community Based Agencies (496)
  • Elementary Schools (233)
  • Private Entities or Institutions (217)
  • County or State Education Institutions (85)
  • County Government Agencies (53)
  • Other Government Agencies (26)

This report is an important management tool that can help First 5 LA improve internal management, support of grantees and contractors, and the planning process (work plan development). For example, the report found that 64 percent of tasks set out across 59 work plans for that time period had been completed by staff or grantees/contractors, and that grantees/contractors had spent 38 percent of their total annual funds.

The report also found that just over 40 percent of work plans (25 out of 59) met the 75 percent threshold for activity completion. Work plans in the Prior Strategic Plan and Research and Evaluation categories achieved the highest rate of activity completion, with an overall rate of 74 percent and 70 percent, respectively.

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