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Program Evaluations

First 5 LA is committed to ongoing learning and improvement through evaluation. Generally, studies focus on program implementation, describing what is happening, identifying barriers and opportunities to change and documenting outcomes. We seek to identify barriers and opportunities to change approaches as needed, and to document outcomes. Below are links to more information about each of our current and planned evaluations. For evaluations in our Best Start communities, click here [0].

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Black Infant Health Evaluation [0]
The Black Infant Health Program was created to address the high rate of infant mortality in African American families. The BIH program provides health education, health promotion, social support and service coordination to pregnant and parenting African American adult women. The evaluation of the BIH program will describe and examine program participation, implementation and outcomes and will identify best practices and other lessons learned from the program. Read more » [0]

Community Opportunities Fund Evaluation [0]
COF reflects a responsive giving approach in support of two types of activities: organizational capacity building and policy and advocacy. COF is one of several capacity-building initiatives carried out by First 5 LA. Four cycles of COF funding were issued. The first cycle of COF was granted in 2008, and the last grant is expected to sunset in 2015. Read more » [0]

Early Developmental Screening Initiative (EDSI) Evaluation [0]
The Early Developmental Screening and Intervention program formed collaboratives among clinicians and community groups to work on providing early developmental screening to their patients and clients and to refer or treat them appropriately. In addition, EDSI worked with the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition program to develop a parent education class on engaging physician discussion about developmental concerns. Read more » [0]

Family Literacy Initiative Evaluation [0]
The First 5 LA Family Literacy program is a comprehensive program that began in 2002 and was designed to promote literacy in low-income families in Los Angeles County. The evaluation has evolved over the years from a focus on implementation in years one through four to a focus on program quality and child outcomes in years five through eight. Read more » [0]

Family, Friends & Neighbors Initiative Evaluation [0]
The goal of First 5 LA's Families, Friends & Neighbors project is to increase the training and education levels of the license-exempt Early Care and Education providers. The FFN evaluation describes what is known about FFN providers at national and local levels, and explores how FFN providers served by First 5 LA are unique and can be better supported in their work. Read more » [0]

Technical Assistance (TA) Institute Evaluation [0]
The TA Institute has provided programs offering intensive, multi-session trainings that focus on sustainability planning, development of mission-based earned income projects, and leadership development for executives and senior managers. The TA Institute evaluation will present a snapshot of the various program models and help determine how participants learned and what they find useful as a result of participating in the TA Institute. Read more » [0]

Healthy Births Initiative Evaluation [0] [0]
The Healthy Births Initiative seeks to improve outcomes for pregnant women and their families, reduce subsequent poor birth outcomes in vulnerable populations and build sustainable networks to address the needs of pregnant women, infants and new families through outcomes and community driven interventions. The HB Evaluation assesses the extent to which core approaches were successfully implemented, as well as the effectiveness of the case management approach, in helping to improve birth outcomes for women at risk. Read more » [0]

High School Recruitment Initiative Evaluation [0]
The goal of the HSR Pilot Program is to encourage more young people to consider Early Care and Education as a career goal by providing high school students with information, resources and internship opportunities in the ECE field. Through our evaluation of HSR Pilot Programs, First 5 LA aims to learn what strategies are effective in recruiting high school students to participate in ECE career preparation activities. Read more » [0]

Home Visiting Evaluations [0]
First 5 LA has invested in a universal, light touch home visiting program in 14 best start communities known as Welcome Baby and provided additional funding for select, evidence-based home visiting programs for higher risk families. The Research & Evaluation department has a number of studies investigating various components of implementation, outcomes, and impact. Read more >> [0]

The Universal Preschool Outcomes Study (UPCOS) [0]
The Universal Preschool Child Outcomes Study (UPCOS) is a multi-year study of LAUP programs aimed at evaluating child progress in multiple domains of development over the course of a program year and providing information that can support LAUP's efforts toward ongoing program improvement. UPCOS is conducted by Mathematica Policy Research in collaboration with First 5 LA and LAUP. Read more » [0]

Partnerships for Families Initiative (PFF) Evaluation [0]
PFF is a child abuse prevention program designed to address the needs of pregnant women and families with children age 5years or younger who are at risk for child maltreatment in L.A. County. The PFF evaluation is now in its sixth and final year and is focusing on family engagement, family strengths and longer term outcomes for families who participated in the PFF program. Read more » [0]

School Readiness Initiative Evaluation [0]
First 5 LA's School Readiness Initiative builds upon existing early childhood development programs by integrating them with parenting and family supports, as well as health and social services. SRI is an initiative of First 5 California, which provides half the funding for local commissions. In addition to evaluations conducted by each of the SRI sites, the initiative evaluation is focused on feedback from parents and providers, as well as a follow-up study of children who had previously participated in an SRI program. [0]Read more » [0]

The following projects are still in the planning stage and have not begun yet.

Baby-Friendly Hospitals Evaluation [0]
Baby-Friendly Hospital is an international program guided by the World Health Organization that encourages and recognizes hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding. First 5 LA has committed $10.5 million to fund up to 20 hospitals in Los Angeles County to become Baby-Friendly. Read more » [0]

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