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For Profit vs. Non-Profit Child Care Centers

January 31, 2009
Have you been trying to decide whether you should be a for profit or non-profit child care center?  If so, please join us to learn and discuss an overview of non-profit organizations, an overview of for profit organizations, different types of for profit organizations, and the advantages and disadvantages of operating your business as a for profit versus a non-profit.

Event date: January 31, 2009

Event time: 9:00 AM-11:30 AM

This event will be held at Public Counsel 610 S. Ardmore Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90005. (Parking is available in their lot.  Street parking is available-please check the meters and signs.)

This is a free event. For more information call (213) 385-2977, x310 or email at


I am interested in starting a non-profit child care center

I am interested in starting a non-profit child care center and would like you to send me information to my email in case I can't make it to Los Angeles's meeting. My email is: I recently finished my classes in Early Childhood Education and have earned the A.A. Degree. Now I wish to learn about starting a non profit organization. If you have any other info about the legal forms and examples of By-Laws, Articles of Inc., and other information that I will need to learn about to get started, I would appreciate that. Thank you, Allison Hettle 714-751-7740

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