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Healthy Kids

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The Healthy Kids program is designed to provide access to low- or no-cost healthy insurance for children ages 0-5 in L.A. County who are not eligible for Medi-Cal or Healthy Families. Funding from First 5 LA covers the cost of insuring children ages 0-5 as well as outreach, recruitment, and enrollment efforts.

Evaluation Findings
Results from four focus groups conducted in March 2010 with Healthy Kids families indicated the following:

  • Members were grateful for having access to affordable healthcare for their children.
  • Members were strongly satisfied with all components of the Healthy Kids program. The components that keep them committed to the program include: the quality care, ability to choose their own doctors, good communication and affordability.
  • Members had no other resources for enrolling in health insurance.
  • Most members learned about Healthy Kids through social workers and Healthy Families. Some also learned about the program through friends and family

In July 2003, the Commission approved a strategic partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) to administer the outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization efforts countywide to ensure universal coverage for the 0 to 5 population. DPH submits over 30,000 applications each year for Healthy Kids, Healthy Families, Medi-Cal and other insurance plans and due to extensive follow-up has consistently achieved a high retention rate. Over 295,000 applications have been submitted since the program began back in 2003. However, in spite of this, enrollment has declined over the years from 5,931 in June 2008 to 1,808 in December 2011.

A new evaluation examining the declining enrollment in the Healthy Kids Program will being in July 2012. The key research questions for this evaluation include:

1. Why is enrollment decreasing in the Healthy Kids program? Is this issue particular to the Healthy Kids program compared to other low or no cost insurance programs within and outside of LA County?

2. What barriers and challenges are encountered in the outreach and recruitment process within LA County?

  • Are these challenges related to the program characteristics?
  • Or are these challenges related to the recruitment strategies?
  • Are there larger system issues contributing to these barriers?
3. What outreach and recruitment strategies are being used? What strategies have been used and are available to be used?
  • Are these outreach and recruitment strategies targeting the right population?


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